Sunday 2 October 2022

I'm Back!

Hello all. Sorry it's been so long. 

Orders for sculptures have been understandably slow due to the cost of living crisis so I haven't really made many new pieces. Instead, I've been working on a new book and adding content to my other blog Colganology2. Yes, there was a Colganology1 but it went back to 2008 and was a bit tired and clunky. Plus, there's a new breed of ghastly rapacious ambulance chaser out there  that hunts down breaches of copyright and demands money. Even though my old blogs were all about promoting the work of other artists, I was technically using their images without permission and putting myself in the firing line.

In other news, I've been de-cluttering and have sold off some older pieces. And, in the process of tidying, I dropped my weird alien snail sculpture that I made last September (see here)!

Being made of oven-baked polymer clay it shattered into many pieces. I could have repaired it but, frankly, the work involved wasn't worth it. The house, though - being mostly made from card and balsa, was completely undamaged. And remembering the excitement generated by the Monster Zoo project (see here) I decided to hide it in the same woods in which I'd hidden my first monsters.

It wasn't long before it was spotted by a few people. And then local photographer Chris Rowan took this lovely moody photo of it in situ.

And then, a week later, this splendid house appeared nearby.

I wonder if any more will appear?

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