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The Doodle that became a Monster

I found this doodle in an old sketch book a few days ago.  Okay, so maybe it's not the most original idea. A quick image search will turn up plenty of examples, such as this terrific piece of work by Sarah Trummer on Pexels (used with permission). But I thought it might be fun to build. So, out came the junk boxes and I started work. The shape of the house was dictated by what I had to hand - which was mostly old boxes, lots of card packaging and wood such as coffee stirrers, chopsticks and tongue depressors. I made the basic shape of the house and covered it in thick card for strength. I then added lots of Tudor style beams using the wood, and roof tiles made from card. Then, on a whim, I added a loo roll tower with a base made from a plastic powder scoop. Then I sprayed the whole thing with white primer before turning to the snail/slug thing. Mr Slug was going to get very expensive if I made him entirely from something like Super Sculpey. So, I found a suitable piece of dea

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