Monday, 11 April 2022

Great Upcyclers #7: Jaako Tornberg

I'm always wary of posting photos that I don't own because there is a new breed of ambulance-chasing legal parasite out there. They earn their living by hunting down illustrations on blogs and websites and threatening the owners with legal action if they don't cough up for misusing/ pirating/ displaying an image without proven permission. It's happened to a couple of my friends and they were stung for a lot of money - even though they were promoting the work of the person who owned the photo and in no way profiting from doing so. Madness.

It's why I tend to stick with links to Youtube videos as they are in the public domain. In that spirit, if I can't find a video, I will use a screengrab of the person's website for the same reason.
Jaakko Tornberg is a sculptor from Helsinki, Finland. He's also a teacher at Aalto University School of Art and Design and runs junk art workshops. 

I really like his work. 

Here are some images from his art register page.
His website is here.

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